Created a small program

XTransmit is a Windows .NET WPF desktop application, with shadowsocks client, simple curl GUI tool and network speed display panel integrated. XTransmit does not provide shadowsocks services.


The shadowsocks client features shown below, You can scan the QR code on the screen or manually config to add a SS server, or you can import multiple SS servers from the clipboard or file, and you can delete multiple servers at once. The server list supports server information query and ping delay test. The server name defaults to the remarks of the shadowsocks link, and the information query operation automatically (optional) updates the server name to it’s “country - region - city”. The shadowsocks client currently does not support protocol plugins and global feature settings, only on or off. It is for situations where often connect the public servers.

SS Server List SS Server Config (The plugin config is not functional)

The X-CURL is shown below, it is a graphical curl tool. Support for replay, you can set the number of replay counts and the random range of replay delays, each replay it can pick up parameters randomly from the data table (currently only support IP address). This tool manages data by site profiles, which can be used to create profiles for different purposes. Usually, most people should not use this tool.

cURL Site List cURL Site Profile

The first picture is the network speed display panel, it just shows the network speed of the selected network adapter. This software packages the binary files of privoxy, ss-local, and curl, and will be extracted to the “binary” folder under software path at the first run. It verifies the md5 of the files every time startup, if a file does not exist or has changed, it will extract again and overwrite the file. XTransmit will create a notification icon in the taskbar, you can exit the program by clicking “Exit” in the icon menu or “Exit” in the upper right menu of the main window.

Exit Program

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Created a small program